March 23-24th 2019

This weekend was an excellent weekend for my crew. Nanook became a CHAMPION!!! He also took a Reserve Winner Dog to a 5 point major just before he championed. Sakari, at 12 months old took a Reserve Winners Bitch. All thanks to Judge Maarten Walters and Ken Silvera. Kiska had her first weekend out at a show since she was just a few months old. She did well, took her class, did alot of hopping around and being a puppy, which of course she should be over with doing. A friend of mine Jillann did the showing for me, as i was not able to be there. Great job!

Rose City Classic Dog Show 2019

So I took Sakari (9 months) to the Rose City Classic. Out of 52 Australian Shepherds, she was the youngest in her class and at the show for that matter. She did win her classes of puppies 9-12 months old twice out of three times. So we are proud of her for that. We are more proud of her that she was such a trooper. She didn’t flinch at all the people, dogs and noise. She went in the ring like a pro and did what was asked of her. We are so proud of her.


So we have had a good couple weeks. Nanook is only 2 points away from his Champion Title. He is about to blow his coat, so we are hoping we can get it done by the end of December while he still has a lot of coat. It won’t be long before he looks naked.

Sakari had a good show weekend. at 7 months she was shown in the Bred By Class under Sue Holtz and place 1st in a class of 7. The class is of all ages, so at 7 months that was a nice win.


Ok, I know its been a while since I have blogged.  I find its not my favorite thing to do, but it does help keep my dog family up to date on the dogs.  So the last two show updates.  Nanook has done very well and is coming close to his Champion Title.  He has a 5 point major and two reserves from the Cascade dog show. And from the Calapoolia Dog show he received a 3 point major.  So he's getting close.  Sakari has been smoking the show scene. I showed her 5 times at the Cascade ASCA show and out of 5 she got 3 Best in Breed puppies and she won the coveted  High Point Chair!!  Seen on her page.  I also showed her at the Calapoolia ASCA show and out of 5 shows she took Best in Breed puppy 4 times and won the coveted High Point chair at that show!!  SO much fun to show. 


Another great day!!! Juneau had her litter of 7.  1 red merle girl, 1 red tri girl, 1 blue merle girl, 2 black tri girls, and 2 black tri boys.  All are lovely.  3 are going to show homes, and one is going to a therapy home.  You can see the pups on Juneau's page. Just click on the puppy button


Today was an exciting day.  Sitka had a litter of 7 puppies.  There were 2 blue merle girls, 2 blue merle boys, 1 black tri girl, and 2 black tri boys.  They are just beautiful.  Other than the one we are keeping, they all have forever homes.  You can see them on Sitka's page.  There is a button to click on that takes you to the puppies. 2 are going to show homes, 1 is going to a agility performance home.

7/29/17 Kalama, WA

Had a great time at the Kalama Dog Show.  Nanook showed well and placed in his class, which is always fun.  But the highlight of the weekend was that Kenai received his Rally Notice Advanced Title.  He is just such a smart boy and a lot of fun to work with.  He may not be flashing like the others, but boy he held in own in the obedience ring.  Now we are practicing for Rally Notice Excellent training for the next level.  

5/30/17 Molalla

I know i haven't posted lately, its been a long few months.  But this weekend was a fun one.  We went to the 3 day show the Northwest ASC put on.  Nanook at 14 months took reserve to a 5 point major under breeder Sr. Breeder Judge Clarissa Shank.  She was a lovely judge with great advice.  Sitka also took 1st in her class of 6 under Sr. Breeder Judge Mobley.  That show is always alot of fun with great people.  

3/18/17 Salem show

Well this weekend was fun. I am finally healed enough to show my own dogs!!!  Sitka took her class once, and took second twice, and third once.  Still looking younger than the rest.  I have a feeling she will do better at age 3.  So we'll keep having fun and see how it goes.  Nanook took his class once and placed 2 twice and third once.  He has been fun.  He's just a baby at 12 months old, so you don't expect much from boys at that age.  Its more for fun and practice for boys until they are 3 and older.  But he has been holding his own.  In a a couple big shows he has been pulled out along with two other dogs to be looked at.  He was pulled out in the Winner Dog class this time too, along with the two that one Winners Dog and Reserve.  So he's being looked at.  So fingers crossed!  It was a very fun weekend with a group of super nice people.  A day at the dog show winning or not is fun.

3/2/17- Albany, OR

Well it was in busy weekend for Juneau at the AKC show.  Out of the four times she showed she placed third and fourth.  Competition was tough.  Lots of dogs in town. All the professional handlers were in town, so overall we were not overlooked by the judges.  

11/13/2016 Scio, OR

This weekend was a blast.  The girls and I went to the Scio ASCA show with Susan Nelson, Heather Taft, Linda Kruster, Kellie Desoto, June Osburn, and Heighley, Kellie's God daughter.  We all did pretty good.  But Juneau's weekend was a big surprise.  Out of the four shows she took Best In Breed 3 times!!!.  Under Judge's Maarten Walter, Mike Ryan, and Mary Hellmeister.  Although, not a big show, Flamble' (ranked number 8 in the nation) was there and took second to all three times.  This is huge for me as a first time aussie owner and new to the show world!!  Next we are off to try out hand at AKC.  wish us luck.

11/13/16 Chehalis WA

This weekend we showed in Chehalis Washington.  Competition was impressive.  There were a lot of nice Aussies there.  Juneau took Best Opposite Sex on Saturday under Senior Breeder Judge Kristina Churchill.  Sitka took her class 3 of the 4 times, but didn't move up after that.  Had a great time with my girlfriends and hubby.  Learned a ton!

2016 Ntl Speciality

9/2016 National Speciality

This week was a blast.  It was ASCA National's and they were held 15 minutes from the house.  So it played out like this.  Nanook took his class all three times.  Juneau took 2nd in Puppy Sweeps 15-18 class, which has 23 dogs in it.  She also took 4th in her 15-18 regular class, which has 42 dogs in it.  Sitka only showed at the pre-shows and she made the cut both days, but didn't place.  She made the cut out about 30 dogs per class.  

9/24/16, Kalama WA

Well we went to Kalama, washington for a ASCA show.  Juneau only needed 4 points to receive her Championship.  She has 3 majors, so single points is all we need.  So the first show, Juneau took her class, but didnt place after that.  The second show she took Best Opposite Sex and Winners Bitch for a 3 point major under judge Barbara Peters.  And Juneau took Reserve Winners Bitch.  She's coming along beautifully.  Its only a matter of time for her. She is now a CHAMPION!!!  She finished with 4 majors.  3pt, 3pt, 5pt, and 4pt.!!!!!  

9/3/16, Molalla, OR

On the spur of the moment, I decided to head to the Molalla ASC show with some friends.  I took only Sitka to who in order to get her out without Juneau or Nanook.  She can be shy, this is the best thing for her.  She ended up taking Reserve Winners Bitch under Breeder Judge Tammy Seaman.  It was a 3 point major.  So a good day for Sitka. 

8/6/16 Albany, OR

This weekend was a big weekend for us.  We went to the Willamette ASC in Albany, Oregon.  Nanook took BOS puppy twice this weekend and Juneau had a huge weekend.  Friday night she got Winners Bitch and Best Of Breed!!! Her first one.  The Judge was Sr. Breeder Judge Marge Stovall.  She received a 3 point major.  So exciting.  The next day, Saturday, Juneau got Winners Bitch, Best of Winner, and Best Opposite Sex, for a total of a 5 point major under Annette Cyboron .  To date has has 2 - 3 point majors and a 5 point major.  4 more points and she's a Champion.!!  

7/30/16, Kalama WA

So last weekend was definitely Nanook ideal puppy weekend.  We showed 5 times and out of those 5 times, he took Best of Breed Puppy 3 times and 2 Opposite Sex Puppy.  The judges were breeder judges Laurie Fausset, Kim Goldon, Debbie Reneau Gibson and Sue Fullington.  What I observed was these judges were movement judges.  I had dinner with three of them after the show and they talked about how movement was so important.  That the dog needs to be able to do their job (herding) and without good movement, they won't make a days work.  He's a sweet boy that when you ask him to do his job, like in the ring, doesn't really matter whats going on around him, he's focused and does whats asked.  I love that about him.  He is taking virtually no training, other than a few minutes here and there to show him what i want.  

On another note, I showed Juneau as well.  She took her class twice out of the five times and one of those times was pulled along with another bitch to Winners Bitch.  Unfortunately it wasn't her weekend.  She did well. It just wasn't her weekend.  She is lovely, its just a matter of time for her.

Sitka had the weekend off.

5/2016 Molalla OR

So we spent the Memorial day weekend 2016 in Molalla at an ASCA show.  I showed all three of my dogs at 5 shows.  The first show we had a Breeder Judge was a Senior Breeder Judge Jillian Ward.  She gave Juneau her first points, a 4 point major for Winners Bitch.  Such an exciting moments and all the ladies at the show were super supportive and encouraging.   You can see Juneau's picture from the show under "the girls" page.  Then the Monday morning show the judge was Senior Breeder Judge Kiddy Christie gave Juneau Reserve Winners Bitch to a 3 point major.  A friend of mine Holly Hibdon showed her for me.  I was showing Sitka, although didn't place, was holding her own.  I couldn't show both my dogs at the same time.  Holly does a great job every time she shows Juneau. 

I had Nanook out having fun and getting use to the show ring and the process.  He showed all five shows.  The first 4 shows he placed in 3 of them, either 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.  But his time to shine was at Puppy Sweeps Monday afternoon. The littlest and youngest pup out of probably 10/12 dogs or so.  He took Best Opposite Sex Puppy.  The Judge was Renata Stewart. 

Blog Intro

So I decided to start my brags/blog when one of my foundation dogs (Sitka, Juneau, Nanook, Kenai) started getting points at ASCA shows.  We have been showing for the last year and winning, and of course losing, a lot of  classes.  Its been fun and mainly been for me to learn how to show an aussie and become a better handler.  I have met a lot of great people who have taught me a great deal about aussies, genetics, breeding, handling, health etc.  Its been a year overload of information, which I have loved and soaked it all in.  Its a never ending learning process that I will have a decent grasp of before I breed my first litter.  I have 2 phenomenal mentors/friends that have been breeding for 20+ years, that I wouldn't even consider breeding without them by my side every step of the way.  So yes, a great year!!!