7/30/16, Kalama WA

So last weekend was definitely Nanook ideal puppy weekend.  We showed 5 times and out of those 5 times, he took Best of Breed Puppy 3 times and 2 Opposite Sex Puppy.  The judges were breeder judges Laurie Fausset, Kim Goldon, Debbie Reneau Gibson and Sue Fullington.  What I observed was these judges were movement judges.  I had dinner with three of them after the show and they talked about how movement was so important.  That the dog needs to be able to do their job (herding) and without good movement, they won't make a days work.  He's a sweet boy that when you ask him to do his job, like in the ring, doesn't really matter whats going on around him, he's focused and does whats asked.  I love that about him.  He is taking virtually no training, other than a few minutes here and there to show him what i want.  

On another note, I showed Juneau as well.  She took her class twice out of the five times and one of those times was pulled along with another bitch to Winners Bitch.  Unfortunately it wasn't her weekend.  She did well. It just wasn't her weekend.  She is lovely, its just a matter of time for her.

Sitka had the weekend off.