how we care and prepare our dogs & puppies

We believe what makes our puppies stand out above the rest is the care and focus we put into their parents and the puppies from before conception to the time they go to their forever homes. As a breeder we focus on the things that make a difference in the long term health and longevity of our pups, genetics, health, and temperament. Below is all that entails.

1.   All would-be-parents are OFA hips and elbows x-rayed with a rating fair-good-excellent worthy of breeding. All breeding dogs and their all relatives, have their eyes checked yearly for any eye issues, which are common in aussies. All of the dogs have been tested for MDR1 (Multi Drug Sensitivity) gene, CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly), CD (Cone Degeneration), HC (Hereditary Cataracts), PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), and DM (Degenerative Myelopathy). All these tests cost approximately $800 per dog, but in our view must be done in order to breed healthy puppies. If you are looking at puppies that are cheaper in cost, you will find they do not do all 7 tests, which puts your future puppy at risk, or the breeder is having many litters a year. You will not know what you are getting without these clearances and knowing the full genetics of your parent dogs and their parents and so on. There is controversy with regard to testing. Because the tests are not 100% accurate, some say why bother. Our view is "if you have the tools that gives your puppies better odds of being healthy, free of genetic issues, why WOULDN'T you do them?". If you can’t afford to do it right, they don’t do it. Of course with genetics, its a crapshoot. It is just not a chance we will take and that is another reason why our breeding program stands out.

2.   All our dogs are fed premium dog food (Fromm gold bag). 100% of dog foods purchased at the grocery store are very poor and have a lot of stuff in them you don’t know about. Most ingredients are made abroad and have no regulations to ensure quality ingredients or actual ingredients. Your new puppy will be a part of your life for the next 12 plus years. We believe that proper nutrition plays the biggest role in insuring your aussies quality of life, just like in humans. There are a lot of very good premium dog foods, be educated in your choice. All ingredients in Fromm dog food is made in America and has NEVER had a recall. It is a family owned business and they take pride in producing high quality affordable dog food. You will receive a Fromm puppy package when you take your puppy home. 70% of all hip dysplasia in dogs is due to a poor diet, vitamin deficiency, and improper exercise or lack of exercise at a young age. There is no profit or benefit to us for recommending them. I just want the best for our puppies and puppy families. And the best part, its very affordable and it gets delivered to your home hassle free.

3.   Our dogs also get Probios. A probiotic that helps absorb the most out of their food. We also have them on Nuvet Vitamins. Nuvet Vitamins is a great supplement and gives your dog what your dog what it doesn’t get from their dog food. Nuvet is the only thing we require (for the first 3 years) of our puppy family to utilize in order to honor our 3 year guarantee on our pups. It will be part of your contract and you will have a link to their site on our webpage that will give you a good discount, if ordered through us.

4.   Temperament is VERY important to us. Along with choosing dogs with loving and stable temperaments for breeding, we enhance their emotional resiliency and stability by using the Puppy Culture Program. Their methods are excellent for raising solid temperament pups that can handle kids, loud sounds, different environments, etc. and are confident in themselves. We have fallen in love with this program. The pups interact with us every day, all day, along with other dogs (ours only), visits from our grandchildren, and teenagers, all helping to make well-rounded dogs. Our puppies are temperament tested throughout their 8 weeks with us in order to ensure they go to the right forever family.

5.   We also do a Puppy Development Program call "The Other Piece of the Puzzle" by Pat Hastings. It is an extensive program starting at the pre-natal period threw neo-natal, the transitional period, all the way to time to go home. It focuses on awareness, socialization, curiosity and fear imprint and impact. We recommend this book. It follows the puppy from birth to adulthood. We only start the process of raising healthy and emotionally balanced dogs. We give them the good foundation and rest is up to you.

We have an open door policy, meaning you can contact us for help or if you have questions about your pup and raising them throughout their lives. We have put together a basic list of items that are crucial to you ending up with a healthy, long living and emotionally balanced dog. It will be in your puppy package we send home with you as well.

6.   Also, we take weekly pictures of the puppies to send to their forever families. We will also be running a “live feed” off and on throughout the day on Facebook so you can watch your puppy interact with other puppies and us as we work with them.

7.   All our puppies are wormed throughout the 8 weeks, have their eyes checked by an ophthalmologist at 7 weeks, and come with their first round of shorts and a puppy wellness report from my local vet. We also include information on over vaccinating your puppy and research that backs up our belief.

As you can see, we put an extensive amount of energy into our dogs and raising your puppy. This specialty care will benefit the dog and save money over the life of the pup because of the great foundation. The amount of Puppy Culture daily conditioning, desensitizing training, socializing skilled training. All of this adds up to be a very time consuming and very expensive puppy. Our prices are in the middle range of what other breeder’s charge, most who do not go to the great lengths that we go to in raising them.

Please if you have any questions or would like to move forward with us, just click on the contact button below and let us know.