Up coming breedings



We are super excited about our upcoming litters.  It took us a great deal of research, time and consideration picking the husbands for our girls.  All four dogs are super healthy with a very clean pedigree. 

Something to consider, most reputable breeders who are doing all the genetic testing, taking the care with the puppies like Puppy Culture, desensitizing tools etc, will have a wait list.  I would highly recommend not putting off getting on a breeders wait list thinking you will do it when I am ready for a puppy.  Some lists can be up to a year out.

And unless you are a show home, we do not give breeding rights with our dogs. The are purely pets. So if you are looking to be a breeder or breed your Aussie, I am not the place to get a puppy.

 Contact us for more information on these litters!!  

We do not ship puppies sight unseen. You must come and get your puppy.