My husband and I have had dogs our entire lives.  My first show dog was a Belgian Tervuren back in 1998.  I ended up with two of them.  The first one, I picked was a puppy without seeing its home, with minimal health testing, and without doing research on the breeder.  He ended up having epilepsy at 11 months.  It was very difficult, and costly, to keep him balanced during his life, but we did and we loved him greatly.  He ended up dieing at age 11.  The next Belgian Tervuren we purchased had ALL the healths. We researched his pedigree and went to the breeders house to make sure they were reputable.  Since then we have been hooked on the herding breeds.  I started showing my second Belgian at 6 months old and championed him at 14 months old.  It devastated me when he died at the age of 12.  

It did not take us long before we realized how empty life was without a dog on our heels following us around everywhere we went.  So we set out to find another companion. We decided on the Aussie for a few reasons.  Of course they are beautiful, we loved all the colors and their size fit our life perfectly.  But what drew us to them most was their temperament and personality, and their loyal hearts.  They are great with other family pets as well.  We have goats, cats, and have had llamas with no problems from our aussies.  They have an even level personality. You will not go wrong owning an Aussie.  We feel blessed by them every day.