Now that you have decided to raise an Australian Shepherd, it is only wise that you understand something about the Australian Shepherd temperament. As the dog matures, an understanding of it’s temperament can help you through the training period.

There are a number of factors that have continued to increase the popularity of Australian Shepherds. These factors include their intelligence, likable personality, endless energy, attractive looks and the fact that they are a very pleasing breed, among many other factors.

The first thing to know is they are intelligence. Due to their nature, this breed of dog is able to learn new commands and basic obedience very quickly.  It is due to the fact that these dogs are independent thinkers, that these dogs are capable of making their own decisions. These dogs love challenges, and figuring out things is easy for them. When they succeed in whatever they do, it is a reward unto themselves.

Another Australian Shepherd temperament to know is that they are workers. They possess both herding and guarding instincts. These dogs love to have something to do, because they need both physical and mental stimulation. Regular daily leash walks will not give your dog enough mental stimulation. You can also include a number of active retrieval games and free runs on a weekly basis.

The Australian Shepherd is a dog with a medium to high energy level. They like to keep busy and occupied, as they can get frustrated when they are bored. These dogs are active animals that have adapted over the years to having fun and working hard.

If you are comfortable with the Australian Shepherd temperament and feel that this is the right breed for you, there are several factors that you still need to take into consideration.

  1. The first is to determine whether you can provide the dog with enough exercise, to keep the active dog satisfied. This should include energetic activities, for example running in the park, jogging, playing games, frisbee, etc.

  2. Second, determine whether you have enough space to meet the dog’s needs. Dogs of this breed require adequate space to be active and run around. They are not apartment dogs, unless you are very active outside the apartment.

  3. Third, consider whether you can afford the time and attention that your dog will require. If you will need to leave the dog for prolonged periods of time then search for another breed because this is not the right pooch for your needs.

Before bringing this dog home, you should be sure that you can offer him the proper care and training required to raise such a talented dog. If you have strong leadership qualities, then the Australian Shepherd should be your first option. It is a good dog that will reward you with many years of joy and faithful obedience.